Tuesday, November 23, 2010

WikiLeaks Discussion

With some puréed potatoes and heavy cream, they make a lovely winter soup.
I want to take a moment to jump in and thank everyone for the rich and truly engaging discussion you are creating around the WikiLeaks issue.  As you can see by the many interesting and nuanced points everyone is making, so much of what we've been thinking and talking about this semester - access to information, government documents, technology, public good, ethics of information, who owns and controls information creation and dissemination, the politics of making information available, legal regimes and info access, and much, much more -is coming into play in this one issue.  I appreciate very much the way you have taken hold of the issue and grappled with it from many angles.  As you are clicking around the web and engaging with news sources in your daily lives, it is likely you will come across more resources on this breaking topic; I encourage you to post and share those when you do.  Thanks for the contributions.

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