Sunday, November 28, 2010

Follow up on WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is expected to release the classified State Department cables today. The US Government has asked them to refrain from releasing the documents stating that the release will put lives at risk and jeopardize intelligence gathering methods among other reasons. However, the government has refused to work with WikiLeaks to suggest redactions of the documents or to determine which documents should be withheld due to security or other concerns.

According to WikiLeaks Twitter feed, their website is currently under a denial of service attack.!/wikileaks


  1. So glad everyone has been following this over the break. It seems our exploration of WikiLeaks has been more timely than I could have thought. I hope you continue to monitor these developments post-661. It's sure to continue to be a contentious and headline-grabbing issue.

    This DoS attack - a malicious hacking technique used to disallow traffic from reaching the target site - is a fascinating new twist.

  2. Here's another link from the NYT: