Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ancient Culture and TCE

First off, let me repeat my fellow classmates and saying that I have never herd or thought about TCE until this week’s topic. But I guess it makes sense. Reading this week’s articles reminded me of an episode of History Channel’s “Ganglands”. Each episode of Ganglands highlights one or more gangs and explains their habits, ideology, and crime. In one such episode, a gang located on a Native American reservation used a traditional Native American religious icon of the reservation’s tribe as their gang symbol. Naturally, members of said tribe were infuriated as a symbol of their religion was not being completely distorted. It is because of examples like these why TCE exists.

On a separate note, I am curious how and if TCE affects the icons and ideologies of cultures and religions no longer practiced or worshiped. Some examples that come to mind are: Pagan Ireland’s Celtic Wheel, the many symbols relating to the polytheistic religions of Ancient Greece or Rome (Poseidon’s trident for example), or even the symbols used in the Egyptian Hieroglyphic language. Are these symbols protected by TCE or are they so old that they constitute as “free use”? Or, does modern copyright law not care about symbols/ideas of faiths no longer practiced? I am almost 100% certain that the academics within these specific areas have something to say on the topic, but what?

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