Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poll: How do you get most of your news?

Let's try taking a poll.  Think about your most constantly used news source.  What is it?  Use the comments to explain your choices further, talk about your evolution in news source use, explain why you eschew the news sources that you do, or say whatever else you'd like about this topic.

How do you get the most of your news?


  1. For the most part I get my news from web-based sources, mostly the New York Times and the Minneapolis StarTribune. I feel I get the best range of information this way, with local issues covered by the local paper, and national/international issues from the NYT. For years I was a subscriber to the print version of the StarTribune, but have since gone to just the Sunday paper. And while I love to spend Sunday mornings paging through the print version, I can see myself ending this soon as well. The cost is one reason, but not the biggest, since I would still be willing to pay for an online subscription (in fact, my current Sunday subscription includes a web-based version of the paper that allows me to page through it as if I'm reading an actual physical paper). Mostly, I want to reduce the amount of physical paper I consume. To this end, I've also been converting to online bill-pay whenever possible and taking other measures to reduce my carbon footprint. FInally, another reason to quit the print version: every Sunday while washing the newsprint off my fingers I wonder why I bother with such a messy, archaic format.

    I do want to support local journalism, so I am certainly willing to pay for an online subscription, provided the price is reasonable. I certainly think it should cost considerably less for a digital subscription, considering the money the newspaper will save on printing, paper, and delivery.

    One additional note: I will occasionally catch the local news, and usually I'll hit cnn.com at least once a day to see if there's any breaking news and to get a market update.

  2. I realize this is a giant cliche for my demographic, but I do get news from The Daily Show/Colbert. Probably a tie between that, NPR, and my dog Jim Lehrer.

  3. I'm glad you did a poll, Sarah. I've been curious about the news habits of my obviously well-informed classmates. I would read more online if I had the time -- to get more diverse viewpoints. Since I pay for a hard copy paper, I'm more likely to make sure I read that -- if I did not read it, I would cancel the subscription. Also, it (the Chicago Tribune) has gotten smaller and smaller the last couple years, so it's easy to keep up with it. I get 2 or 3 local papers delivered every week -- these bother me because (1) the reporting is usually not good and (2) I did not ask to get these. I often just put them in recycling without looking at them. I'm with Alcibiades that those sort of thing seems like such a waste of paper and delivery.

  4. I have to weigh in as a regular Daily Show/Colbert viewer as well. Apart from the occasional local music weekly that I use to check who's playing where, I really haven't read printed newspapers in several years. It just seems a waste of paper.