Friday, October 22, 2010


Everyone - great posts this module on the book banning.  It's been interesting to see where, as a group, you tend to totally agree and where and when nuance is introduced among you (current/future info professionals).  We will continue with more issues along these lines that are certain to introduce increasingly more challenging ethical nuances for us to work on dissecting together. I also appreciate the creativity you're using to assess these issues - good call on looking up the PA in our own library system, for example!

Keep up the excellent work, everyone; these are rich and thoughtful conversations.

As always, here's a look at our recent stats.  I'm currently in Sweden at the AoIR 11.0 conference (AoIR is an organization many of you may be interested in), and so that's probably me you see on the map!  Glad for our virtual, always-on class.

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  1. "On rare occasion, we have situations where a piece of material is not what it appears to be on the surface and the material is totally inappropriate for a school library. In that case, yes, it is appropriate to remove materials. If it doesn't fit your material selection policy, get it out of there."

    "Marking 25 Years of Banned Books Week," by Judith Krug, Curriculum Review, 46:1, Sep. 2006.