Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 4

An interesting blend of film and reading this week. The video grabbed my attention, and I want to thank the professor for making me aware of this important bit of music history that I wasn't aware of. I love learning about music, and hearing the history of the ubiquitous drum loop from Amen Break was fascinating. The loop just passes under the radar with the different songs it's sampled in, from Straight out of Comption to the Mantronics song, and yet the discerning ear can detect it underneath the new sounds. With the slicing and dicing of the beat in the later 1990s, it's almost impossible to know what it is. Fascinating. When the narrator discusses the copyright, he comes to the conclusion that companies like Zero G Limited company own the drum loop more than the band does.

The Mcleod article, as well as the video, touches upon Led Zeppelin's habit of incorporating blues songs into their music. When I was an undergrad, I also studied this, but the article made a good point that Led Zeppelin borrowed chunks of blues music just as the artists before them did. Blues and folk artists took from each other, and the book compares this to the early ages of the internet: without solid copyright law in place, innovation was at an all-time high. Now, copyright law is jumbled and confusing; so much that I'm taking a class that focuses on it. The more readings I do, the more I want to come away from this course with some semi-solid answers on how to deal with copyright issues. Today's readings helped.

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